Via XX Settembre, 36/11 - 16121 Genoa
Tel. and fax +39 10 580402 (r.a. 6 lines)
Twenty years of experience at your service.
Businesses: The collection of debts throughout the whole country, as well as twenty years of experience in the collection of consumer and distributed loan debts from both banks and other leasing or factoring intermediary financial institutions. Commercial contacts and related items: compulsory performance, resolution, damages. The assignment, take over and leasing of both franchises and other types of company.   Bankruptcy and other examination procedures: To assist the entrepreneur or company with insolvency and/or bankruptcy situations. To plan and assist with extrajudicial, preventative or bankruptcy creditor agreements. The protection of debts with respect to examination procedures. The defence of actions of repeal.
Companies: Assistance in the constitution of new companies and the drafting of statutes. Lawsuits between partners or between partners and the company. Arbitration. Minority and majority take-overs and company participation assignments. Mergers, divisions and company liquidations.   Civil tort liability: Damages in respect of personal injury due to a road accident, accident at work or other. The highway code, the preparation of appeals against violations, driving license suspensions and more.
Inheritance: The drafting of wills. Inheritance and disagreements between heirs. Hereditary divisions.   Property and leases: The drawing up of industrial, commercial and residential contracts, licenses for eviction prior to contract expiry, end of contract eviction or eviction for non-payment of rent, the protection of the property and possessions, condominium disagreements.
The Family: Personal rights and corrections and modifications to first names and/or surnames. Marriage, separation and divorce, with particular attention being given to problems relating to the custody of the children and visiting rights in this country and abroad, or if the children have been taken abroad against the wishes of the non-custodian parent as per the International Convention procedures and the Justice Department; maintenance payments for partners. The preparation of economical agreements between partners. Adoption. Our office is a member of Aiaf.  

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This internet site does not violate the deontological duties related to the "prohibition of publicity", as it aims to inform customers about the internal organisation of the office and the new methods for the establishment of a professional client-solicitor relationship. This site does not follow non-ethical commercial criteria that would be in contrast with the profession's prestige and the trust-based relationship upon which it is based. This site is in fact a concrete application, in the practice of law, of the new information technologies and the most modern of communication methods: our scope is to render the legal activity without limits that are not imposed by competency and professionalism.